Defending immigrants' rights in a time of crisis

Under the Trump administration, immigrant communities are in a state of terror over the promise of mass deportations by the federal government and hostility and hate-crimes in the streets and in schools and workplaces.  More than ever, these times call for a movement to resist anti-immigrant attacks and defend the rights and dignity of our community.  CAUSE is committed to building this movement in our region through the Central Coast Immigrants Rights Coalition.

In 2016, CAUSE worked with our statewide allies to pass the TRUTH Act, which will require accountability and transparency on all collaboration between local law enforcement and ICE, such as the ICE office inside the Ventura County Jail.  Starting in 2018, these agreements are required to have public forums for the community to give input and be reviewed by local elected representatives.  We also helped get our community informed about Health 4 All, which now allows undocumented children to sign up for healthcare through MediCal.   Everyone in our community deserves to be able to see a doctor when they get sick, no matter their immigration status.

After the election we immediately went into action, holding know-your-rights workshops throughout the Central Coast to provide information about protecting your rights and connect people with a lawyer who could answer questions and defend them.

We worked with our allies to pass Safe Zone policies in the Oxnard Union High School District and the Santa Barbara Unified School District to ensure that our schools don't share student records with federal immigration agents or let ICE on campus.

We have critical work to do in 2017.  We will start with marches throughout our region in January to protest Trump’s attacks on immigrants, create a rapid response program to warn our community about ICE presence, spread information about how to protect our rights, meet with local police to make sure they don’t cooperate with ICE, and go to Sacramento to advocate for state laws to protect our community.


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