2012 Quick Reference Guide on California Propositions

2012 Quick Reference Guide on California Propositions

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*Prop. 30: Governor Brown’s tax initiative (YES)

  • Increases taxes on those earning over $250,000 for seven years.
  • Temporarily increases sales taxes by ¼ cent for four years. 
  • Funding goes to schools and public safety realignment funding.
  • Estimated to bring in about $6 billion annually over the next few years.
  • If it fails:
    • Immediate additional $6 billion in additional cuts
    • VC Community College District additional $10 Million in cuts
    • OUHSD total 19 teacher furlough days; in other words 19 days students are not in school
    • Students at the CSU and UC will face $250 million in cuts.

Prop. 31: (NO)

  • Gives Governor unilateral power to cut the budget
  • Precludes the Legislature from spending more than $25 million unless it raises the necessary revenue or enacts alternative spending cuts.
  • Creates two-year state budget cycle

*Prop. 32: (NO)

  • Exempts the wealthiest corporations and their SuperPACs from unlimited political funding
  • Prohibits individuals from choosing to have payroll deductions for political purposes.
  • Put forth by the same group that passed the federal Citizens United allowing unlimited political donations from corporations and the ultra rich.

Prop. 33: Auto Insurance rate hike (NO)

  • Changes current law and would allow insurance companies to set prices based on whether the driver previously carried auto insurance with any insurance company.
  • Allows increased cost for drivers without history of continuous coverage.
  • Voters defeated similar law in 2010. Consumer advocates oppose the measure.

Prop. 34: Abolishes California’s Death Penalty (YES)

Prop. 35: Increases Human Trafficking Penalties (No position)

Prop. 36: Reforms the three strikes law (YES)

Prop. 37: Genetically Engineered Foods (YES)

  • Requires labeling of genetically engineered foods.
  • Has no cost to food manufactures.
  • Monsanto and other chemical and bioengineering companies are fighting against labeling as they do not want the public to know what they are doing to the food we eat. 

Prop. 38: Molly Munger tax initiative (NO)

  • Asks an income tax increase on everyone, even those making just $7,316 a year (part-time workers at minimum wage) for the next12 years.
  • Does not allocate money to our CSU and UC systems.
  • Funds are NOT to prevent additional cuts to the number of days students are in school

Prop. 39: Tax treatment for multistate businesses (YES)

  • Dedicates tax revenue from multi-state corporations to fund energy efficiency and clean energy jobs in California. Single sales factor.
  • $550 million annually to create clean energy jobs.

Prop. 40: Redistricting – state senate district (YES)



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