Final Push to Reach Voters in Every Corner of the State

277,260 Pledge to vote Yes on Prop 30 – With more on the way

CAUSE and our statewide alliance California Calls Action Fund are ramping up for our final phase of a massive-get-out the-vote program to deliver the winning margin for progressive victories on Election Day. After four weeks of intensive phoning and door knocking statewide, 593 daily outreach workers and 2300 volunteers have secured support for Prop 30 from 277,000 new and occasional voters in California. The goal: mobilize at least 200,000 who typically stay home on Election Day — a number big enough to close the gap in a several razor-thin races. CAUSE is a leading anchor group in this coalition. Here in Ventura County we’ve contacted 30,535 voters and 20,437 have pledged to support Prop 30 after talking with our staff and volunteers.

The ballot measure would raise $6 billion in new revenues and put us on the right track toward funding California’s future. With polls showing support for Prop 30 teetering around 50%, CAUSE and California Calls are determined to move enough newly registered and infrequent voters to the polls to create the tipping point for winning. California Calls, with a grassroots network of 2,300 volunteers, the infrastructure to make hundreds of thousands of phone calls, and a track record of increasing voter turn-out among communities of color, is uniquely suited to provide this winning margin.

The other target: defeat Prop 32, a ballot measure that claims to be about campaign finance reform but which would silence the voice of working people while allowing corporate, Super PAC and wealthy anonymous donors to dominate the election debate.

Voter mobilization can create a vital tipping point in this election. It’s another step towards a long-term vision of restoring the California Dream by bringing a greater spectrum of voices into the policy debate.

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