New Rights for Immigrants in 2016

In 2014 and 2015, CAUSE worked to implement two major victories for immigrants’ rights: The TRUST Act, which limits the use of local police for federal immigration enforcement, and AB60, which allows all immigrants to apply for driver’s licenses.  We met with both of our county sheriffs on the implementation of the new policy, graduated hundreds of people from our classes to help them pass the written driver’s license test, and held community forums throughout the region to inform hundreds of local residents of their new rights.


In 2016, we will be working to support the roll out of two new major immigrants’ rights policies: 
The first is President Obama’s executive order providing deportation relief to approximately 5 million undocumented parents of US citizen children, to stop the separation of families by deportations.  CAUSE has already held forums and worked with local media to inform residents about who qualifies, how to prepare and how to avoid scams.  The Supreme Court is expected to approve this policy over the summer, and CAUSE will be ready to spring into action helping people learn how to sign up. 


The second victory for immigrants is California’s new law called Health for All, which allows undocumented children access to MediCal health coverage.  CAUSE will be working to spread awareness about this new policy and how to register, so that all children in our communities, no matter their family income or immigration status, are able to see the doctor when they are sick or hurt.

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