Pass Proposition 30 to Save our Schools

After years of budget cuts our schools, colleges, libraries, health clinics and local public safety services are at the breaking point. Our children are facing larger class sizes, teacher layoffs, rising college fees and cuts to classes.

Proposition 30 makes the wealthy pay their fair share to provide the funding we need for our schools and other vital services.

Prop 30 will…

Invest in our children’s future by restoring $6 billion in funding that has been cut from our schools and community colleges.  

Create a special fund so that money raised for education stays in the classroom.

Guarantees Ventura County the funding we need for critical public safety programs.

Help balance California’s budget.

90% of the funding comes from raising taxes from 1- 3% on households with incomes above $500,000 a year.

10% of the funding comes from temporarily increasing the sales tax by ¼ cent, which is still a lower rate than it was a year ago.

According to the Ventura County Star, if Prop 30 doesn’t pass:

Ventura County school districts will have to cut $450 per student, likely resulting in larger class sizes and teacher layoffs.

Ventura County community colleges will face an $8 million budget cut, threatening to cut classes and raise fees.

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