Stop Deceptive Prop 32

Stop Proposition 32, the Deceptive Corporate Power Grab

Corporate special interests and right-wing politicians are backing yet another deceptive ballot proposition, pretending it will clean up California’s elections.  This proposition is a trick that contains huge loopholes, exempting shadowy political front groups like Super PACs. This would give even more power to big banks, oil and insurance companies who already have too much influence in Sacramento.

Proposition 32 does the opposite of what it claims to do, with loopholes allowing big corporations to secretly influence elections through shadowy outside groups.

Voters can follow the money to find out if Prop 32’s supporters really want cleaner elections.  Prop 32's funding comes from a handful of wealthy right-wing donors like the Lincoln Club of Orange County, which was actually behind the Citizens United Supreme Court decision which allowed unlimited secret corporate spending to influence elections, leading to the rise of shadowy Super PACs.  Recently $4 million was dumped into the campaign by a secretive group connected to the billionaire Koch brothers, major funders of Super PACs and the Tea Party.  The real agenda of these powerful interests is to silence the political voice of one of their major opponents, organized labor, since unions are major advocates of progressive causes like living wages, health care for all, and immigration reform.

Meanwhile, real reform groups with long histories of working for cleaner elections like California Common Cause and the League of Women Voters of California have publicly opposed the deceptive proposition.

The Ventura County Star calls Prop 32 a “fraud” and a “sham”.

“This measure claims to be aimed at cleaning up politics by clamping new restrictions on contributions. In reality, it amounts to a cynical ploy because it ignores some of the biggest problems of money in politics while putting handcuffs only on the political opponents of some of the measure’s biggest backers.”

The LA Times reports that leading good government groups call Prop 32 deceptive.

LA Times columnist Michael Hiltzik calls Prop 32 “a fraud to end all frauds".

The San Francisco Chronicle says "Californians should see through the facade and vote no on Prop 32".

Join CAUSE in opposing this deceptive ballot measure and support working people's right to a political voice.

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