Environmental Justice

We all deserve a clean environment and healthy neighborhood for our families to live, grow, and thrive. But too many of our communities have been sacrificed for polluting corporations to deplete our resources and pollute our air, water, and soil. Nobody wants a power plant next to their home, but harmful and polluting projects often target working-class communities of color with lack of political connections and influence, and immigrant communities with less access to information and more fear of speaking up. This legacy of environmental racism has continued for far too long, with working-class immigrant neighborhoods in our region being impacted by the worst air pollution from industrial facilities and heavy duty trucking, the heaviest use of dangerous agricultural pesticides, and the most toxic chemical runoff into our drinking water. This hurts our health and causes higher rates of cancer and asthma among our families. And as these same polluting practices cause more and more damage to our climate, our communities are already being impacted by raging wildfires, shrinking water supplies, and extreme heat waves that hit hardest those who work long hours outdoors, lack access to emergency information, and are excluded from disaster aid due to their immigration status.CAUSE organizes residents of neighborhoods on the front lines of polluting industry to speak out against our communities being sacrificed for profit. Through grassroots people power, we’ve stopped some of the largest corporations in the world from building power plants and liquefied natural gas terminals in our communities. We’re working to invest in an economy that powers our needs with clean solar and wind energy, grows food in ways that heal our soil and our bodies, and restores our rivers and coast for everyone to enjoy. At a time when our planet and the future of our people depend on us, people are coming together to find the solutions we need to thrive.