Geo Lucero
Santa Barbara Organizer


While attending undergraduate school at UC Santa Barbara, they discovered their passion for advocacy, social and racial justice, and community organizing. Coming from a low-income and marginalized background, Geo discovered the many barriers students like them face at a predominately white institution. They were involved in various campus organizations and departments like Hermanas Unidas de UCSB, the MultiCultural Center, Trans and Queer Commission, and even held a student officer position within Associated Students as the Student Advocate General. Their mission was to represent and advocate on behalf of the entire undergraduate student body with its many backgrounds, identities, and experiences.  

Throughout their advocacy and community leadership work, they tackled various issues such as student housing crises, campus and community policing, COVID-19 policies for a return to campus, community crises, student resources, and student advocacy casework. Their work has been recognized by the University of California, Santa Barbara through numerous awards and scholarships such as the Veronika Weiss Memorial Scholarship (2021), the Cal Eta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Leadership Grant (2022), and the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Scholarship, Leadership, and Citizenship (2022).     

In 2022, Geovany graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with a major in Feminist Studies. Today, they join CAUSE as the Santa Barbara organizer tackling tenant rights, labor rights, and a rent control campaign for the city. Organizing community members and helping them develop their leadership skills in grassroots organizing, Geovany is providing people the tools and opportunities to be more proactively involved in their Santa Barbara community.