Housing Justice

Housing is one of our most basic human rights. A stable home provides the foundation of economic security and healthy well-being for families and children. But rents have spiraled out of control, as growing real estate speculation has caused the cost of valuable land in cities all over the world to skyrocket. Our communities are on the front lines of this crisis, living multiple families to a home to afford triple digit rent increases, facing sudden evictions as their buildings are bought and flipped by corporate investors, or living in fear of reporting unsafe living conditions because of the scarcity of affordable housing. Many immigrant families and people of color face even greater housing challenges, due to exclusion from housing assistance programs and frequent discrimination from landlords and lenders. Housing costs in California’s Central Coast are out of reach for too many families, with investors buying up land for luxury hotels and lavish vacation homes, while farmworkers and housekeepers in our communities barely earn enough to scrape by. CAUSE organizes renters to advocate for policies that prevent unjust evictions, stabilize housing costs, and protect the safety and well-being of tenants. By raising the voice of tenant leaders, CAUSE has successfully fought for policies in our region banning unfair evictions, requiring assistance for displaced tenants, and requiring new developments to include affordable housing. We believe ordinary people can organize together to overcome the influence of wealthy interests and open up opportunities for quality affordable homes for all.