Immigrant Rights

Migration has always been part of our human nature. As human beings, we will brave any fear or danger, cross any mountain or desert, river or ocean, to create a safer and better life for our loved ones. Yet migration has become criminalized by stoking hatred and fear towards immigrants along racial lines. Waves of demonization against immigrants have turned national borders into war zones and the pathway to citizenship into an endless bureaucratic maze. This pushes millions of people into permanent second-class undocumented status, shutting immigrant families out of basic needs like healthcare, housing, education, and democratic voice. The constant threat of ICE raids and deportations leaves millions in a state of fear and makes immigrants more vulnerable to exploitation, violence, and abuse. Approximately one in every ten people in our region is undocumented, and attacks on immigrants impact our family members, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and classmates. CAUSE organizes immigrant families to fight back against anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies, and open up equal opportunities for all members of our community. Through the grassroots leadership of immigrant communities, we’ve worked to pass local and statewide policies curbing deportations by disentangling our local police from collaboration with federal immigration agents, while advancing equality for immigrant families in education, transportation, healthcare, and more. We believe including everyone’s voice and investing in opportunities for all makes our whole community stronger together.