Ocil Herrejon
Community Organizer: Oxnard 


Ocil, a daughter of immigrant parents, was born and raised in Olivehurst/Linda, California. She began her involvement in social justice in high school where she was involved in M.E.Ch.A. organizing and promoting for higher education, cultural awareness, and political involvement. She attended and graduated from UCSB with a double bachelors degree in Sociology and Black Studies as a first generation college graduate. There she continued her efforts in M.E.Ch.A/El Congreso and their advocacy work for Latinx students on campus and preserving El Centro, a cultural and historic site.  Ocil was also a part of Radio Xicana, a show dedicated to amplifying the voices of women of color artivists, along with a collective of mujeres. She became involved in CAUSE through her volunteer efforts towards stoping the ICE Detention center planned in Santa Barbara County.

She now continues her efforts through youth organizing in Oxnard and Santa Paula.