4225 Saviers Road
#1 & 2
Oxnard, CA 93033

Olivia Lopez
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(805) 754-7943

Oxnard is the largest and most diverse city in our region, with a long history of community organizing with roots in the farmworker movement and civil rights movement.  Approximately 85% of Oxnard’s over 200,000 residents are people of color. The city has its roots as a hub of industrial agriculture, built around a sugar processing plant, attracting immigrant communities from across the world to work in its fields.  It remains a center of the agricultural industry, particularly strawberries, with their difficult labor intensive harvesting and heavy use of chemical pesticides. Oxnard has been home to a long history of multiracial farmworker organizing, from Japanese and Mexican sugarbeet pickers in the early 1900's to the United Farm Workers generations later.  The city also grew around the Port of Hueneme, the only deepwater port between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, and its web of truck routes and railroad tracks through town. Unlike wealthier cities along the coast, Oxnard’s shoreline has long been industrialized by its two Naval Bases, commercial port, regional power plants, factories, and toxic dumping sites. The people of Oxnard have struggled to take back their coast and clean air from polluting industry for many years through grassroots organizing for environmental justice. The City of Oxnard has declared itself a Safe City for immigrants and is a stronghold for the immigrant rights movement. CAUSE has worked in Oxnard for many years, including winning a city Living Wage Ordinance, expanding local bus service, defeating major polluting oil and gas projects, winning more resources for college access for youth, uplifting farmworker rights, and improving the health of school nutrition services.