Sofia Magallon
Policy Advocate


Sofi Magallon received a Bachelor of Science from the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in Environmental Economics and Policy. Upon graduating in 2021, Sofi joined CAUSE as the Environmental Justice Policy Advocate based in the Oxnard office. She works to protect the communities most affected by air pollution from fossil fuels, toxic pesticides, and other environmental injustices. Sofi has worked closely with the community of Oxnard to fight for clean air by pushing statewide zero-emissions policy, restoring areas of contamination for public greenspace access such as Ormond Beach and Wetlands, along with advocating for no more fossil fuels on a local and statewide level. She is a Mexican-American who was born in Ventura, CA, and grew up in Oxnard, CA. In her free time, Sofi enjoys being in nature, reading, and playing chess.