Worker’s Rights

Working people are the engine of our economy. We all deserve to be safe in our jobs, to be paid enough to provide for our families’ health and well-being and our children’s future, and to have time to rest and enjoy our lives. But too many of us are barely paid enough to make ends meet, work long hours every day, and face risk of serious injury or toxic exposure on the job. For farmworkers and many other immigrant workers, wage theft, extreme overwork, and health and safety risks are all too common. Language barriers and fears of speaking up make many immigrant workers vulnerable to being taken advantage of. While corporations make record profits, working people’s wages have stayed flat, even as the cost of basic needs like rent and hospital bills go up year after year. As the voice of organized workers has been muffled by decades of attacks on unions and worker protection laws, wealthy shareholders and big corporations have gotten richer, while working people struggle to get by.CAUSE organizes historically marginalized workers like farmworkers to uphold their rights to fair wages and benefits, time for rest and family, and safe and healthy working conditions. By raising the voice of working people as community leaders, we’ve won local living wage laws, helped secure equal rights to overtime pay, and created resources to help farmworkers facing labor violations in the fields. We’re fighting for an economy that works for all of us, and guarantees dignity, justice, and opportunity for working people.